Monday, July 28, 2008

Our lil' monkey is 2 weeks old!

Our lil' Monkey is 2 weeks old! Wednesday we had a follow up appt. to the Tuesday appt. that she needed to gain 1oz. She ended up gaining 3ozs!! So exciting because I was pretty upset that she had lost so much weight. On Friday we had another weight check and she gained another 2oz so she was up to 7lbs 2oz. A little ways to go till she is back to her birth weight of 8lbs but I am hoping she reaches it this week! We have an appt. with her new pediatrician on Wed. and then another weight check on Friday when she turns 3 weeks.
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  1. OMG!! She is just way too CUTE!! I am glad she is gaining back to her birth weight. Slowly but surely she'll get there.

  2. She is absolutely adorable! Congratulations to you guys! The little ones grow up so fast - treasure this time with her. We'll have to get all our little ones together.
    Hugs, Bethany


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