Friday, August 15, 2008

Daddy's Girl

Daddy's little girl is 5 weeks today! Yesterday she had a weight check and she FINALLY made it - she weighed 8lbs 5oz - yay!! She gained 7oz in 6 days - way to chub up Chloe!!! Clay and Chloe fell asleep together the other night and it was so cute that I had to take this picture of them. She loves sleeping on Clay's chest. I also had to share this picture of her with her camo binkie. Clay bought her this binkie when we were still in the hospital and I didn't think she would take it since she is picky when it comes to her binkies but she took it - it's a little big but still adorable! Clay started harvest today and will be going at it for the next two weeks. We are really going to miss him~hopefully it will rain one day so we can get him for a day!
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