Thursday, September 11, 2008

2 Months Old!

Chloe is 2 months old today!! Where has the last two months gone??? She had her 2 month check-up today and the dreaded shots. She is up to 10lbs 8oz and 24 inches long. She is in the 50 percentile for her weight which is great and 95 percentile for her height. She is going to be tall just like mommy and daddy! The shots were not too fun - especially for Clay and I, but Chloe did pretty good, screamed for about 30 seconds but that's about it! I can't believe how much she is smiling now - so cute and fun! I swear everyday that I pick her up after work she has changed!
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  1. She's growing like a weed, no stopping her now!!! How's the switch to formula going? ~jodi


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