Monday, October 20, 2008


My first video - hope this works! Check out Chloe - she can say momma now - J/K!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chloe's new tricks

Chloe is smiling and chatting like crazy now - we ALMOST have her laughing! She has learned how to copy and blow bubbles as you can see her doing in the 3rd picture. She isn't too much of a binkie sucker but sometimes she can't quite find her thumb, she found it this morning though as you can see in the last pic. Stay tuned for her Halloween costume pics!

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Hunting 08

Another year of Hunting has ended. Clay is really excited about bow hunting and got to hunt for a whole month this year! The last weekend is when he got his deer. Since I took hunters safety last winter he wanted me to hunt this year so I agreed to try it out. I was hoping to outdo his little buck and even though I was out every night last week in the freezing cold weather muzzle-loading I got nothing. I didn't even get to take a try at one! Oh well - he says next year I need to take some time off work and hit it harder - haha. Anyways good job daddy!!
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3 Month Pictures

Here are Chloe's 3 month pictures. She didn't want to smile until we got her naked - oh well! If anyone wants to order you can visit and the sitting number is 023079642 and the sitting code is W2FCF69C.

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