Saturday, December 6, 2008


Today my friend Angela and I took Izzy and Chloe to sit on Santa's lap. Sorry the picture isn't the greatest I took a picture with my camera of the picture so I could blog it. I just had to share how cute it is that Chloe is holding Santa's finger - so cute even though she is looking at mommie and not the camera. And the bonus part of it was...we got there at 2 and Santa had just left and wouldn't be back till 3 well we decided to stand there and wait since Chloe was asleep anyways so we'd be the first ones in line. We were thinking this sucks until the lady came over and said "Santa appreciates you waiting so we'll give you a FREE 5x7 of both the girls on Santa's lap together." It was cute - we might have to start a tradition of doing this together!
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