Friday, May 29, 2009

Goose Days!!

Can you believe I am actually posting pictures without Chloe in them???!! This was our FIRST night without Chloe overnight. We went down to Wilbur's Goose Days and Chloe stayed with Nana, Poppy & Auntie Jessi. We missed her tons but we had fun too! The next morning I woke up to what I thought was Clay rubbing my back or something but I turned over and there was my baby!! Clay couldn't stand it, he went and got her at 7am.

Don't you love how my eyes are closed - it was 1am - I was sleepy - lol. I had to post the picture of the crew even though it is horrible of me!
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Random Fun...

Chloe loves being outside!

Being silly in her highchair with her sippy cup

This cracks me up...she is a phone queen!

Lovin' the sun!

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Riverfront Park

After lunch (see below) we took Chloe to Riverfront Park. We were feeding the ducks...did you know they now have a sign posted "Do not feed the ducks." What???!!! We used to always feed the ducks when I was little!

Chloe liked the ducks

Cousin Brittany with Chloe on the big red wagon slide

Down they went...didn't even phase Chloe

In her stroller watching the kids on the carousel.
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Last weekend Aunt Carol and Uncle Brian came to visit Brittany so we all went to lunch on Saturday.

Chloe (waving at mommy) and Aunt Carol

Uncle Brian giving Chloe water through a straw - she loves this! She learned this weekend how to drink out of a straw from a juice box.

Being silly!

YUM I like grilled chesse sandwiches!!
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Future Soccer Player??

Check out the video below of Chloe...she loves to kick her ball! She looks a little wobbly walking in that video which was taken 2 weeks ago but now she is pushing that thing up and down the hallway like a pro! She has even taken a few steps on her own in the last few days!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tooth #5

Tooth #5 has broken through - can you see it?? It is her bottom left. I'm pretty sure I can see white under the skin on the bottom right so that one will be coming soon too!

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Monday, May 11, 2009

10 Months!

My baby is 10 Months old today! She is getting to be such a big girl - I can't believe it! She is doing new things everyday it seems! I can't think of everything but here are some new things...she says "baby" and "ball" - still no Mommy!! Last night she slept all through the night in her crib in her own room for the first time!! She is very close to walking, she loves to kick the ball, she holds her own bottle (finally!), she likes to eat real food over baby food (this morning we had waffles), she makes me laugh everyday and is just such a good little girl! Here are some pictures from yesterday....

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Finally some sun!

Saturday when we got home from Spokane Chloe and I played outside in the nice weather! She loves being outside! She was eating grass and watching the dogs.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009


Chloe's hair is getting about long enough for pigtails.....they look like little horns right now but it's still cute.

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