Sunday, June 21, 2009

11 Months!!

Last Monday Chloe had her 11 Month check up...afterwards we went and played at Manito Park with a bunch of family. We had a really good time - more photos to come later on that. Chloe's appt went really good - she is eating pretty much everything we eat now and in a month will be done with formula - yay! So far I haven't found any food that she really turns her nose up at - she is a really good eater! She is loving spaghetti, grapes, bananas and watermelon right now. Her stats at the appt were great and she is still in the top percentages: weight - 22lbs (80%) height - 30 (90%). AND she is walking all over the place - no more crawling!! Her favorite thing is going up and down stairs - we don't have any at our house so when she goes to Grandma Sherry's, Grandma's and Nana and Poppys she keeps them all busy! Chloe is also saying a bunch of new words....momma (finally!), pig, beow aka meow, toe, kitty, and her usuals baby, dog and dada. Next month will be the big 1st birthday and we hope you all can join us for a bbq!
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