Monday, July 6, 2009

Big Girl Bed....

We have a sleeper!!! Chloe has slept through the night for a week straight now - wahoo!! Most of you know that she used to be a really good sleeper in her pack n play in our room until about 7 months or so. Then she outgrew it so we tried to transition her into her crib in her own room, which was not working so well. You would seriously have to tip toe out of her room once you got her down and hope to god you wouldn't hit the creek in the floor. Every night she'd end up in our room sleeping with us which wasn't so great either because then we wouldn't get good sleep. We tried everything...moving her crib in our room, music, sound machines - nothing worked she'd wake up every 2 hours. A week ago Clay took the queen mattress off our spare bed to move our new slider door - when he brought it back he just put it on the floor. Chloe had a hay day crawling all over that thing it was fun! So I put her down for a nap there that day and she slept longer than usual - I told Clay lets try it tonight.....she slept till 3 in the morning!! I figured it was just a fluke but tried it again the next night and here we are now a week later and she is loving her new bed and sleeping through the night! Not the most glamorous thing a mattress on the floor but she is in her own room and sleeping so I will take it!! Guess she thinks she is a big girl now that she is turning one this weekend!!!!
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  1. That is awesome AND adorable! Yey Chloekins!

  2. Sydney SchneiderJuly 9, 2009 at 10:11 PM

    Whatever works right??? She is too cute and I can't believe she is 1.

  3. love to be in bed with her she wouldn't need a paci she would be sucking my c--k while I finger f--k her


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