Monday, October 19, 2009

Appts and Greenbluff

Today Chloe had her 1st dentist appointment! I was wondering how it was going to go knowing that brushing teeth at home is sometimes a struggle - she likes to do it herself of course. Well we took her to the Kidds Place in Spokane which is for kids only and it was a fabulous experience! Chloe went in and got right up in the chair which I then proceeded to take a picture and OMG I left my SD card at home...dang!!!! Would have been an adorable shot too:( Anywho usually they have the parent hold them while the dentist brushes but she was a big girl and sat all by herself and let him brush and paint on the flouride with no complaints whatsoever! So teeth look good - all 16 of them!! Then it was on to a wellness visit at her Dr.'s Office. She was a good little girl again and is in the 100% for height now at 33"! We opted out on the shots today. The Dr. said she should be saying about 5 words now at this age - HA!! Then we headed up to Greenbluff for pumpkins!!! And yes I stopped and got a card for my camera so I wouldn't miss out on any more photos! Enjoy.

Chloe checking out the pony or in her words "Neigh Neigh"

Hitching a ride in the cart.

Checking out the pumpkins.
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