Saturday, November 28, 2009

One Dead Deer

Tonight I shot and killed my first deer...ahhhhhh! This year was my second year muzzle loading and I had never before even taken a shot. Tonight was the last time I could go this year since we are already in the late season and there she was....I figured I'd miss but decided to try and take a shot so I could at least tell everyone that I finally shot the gun! Boom...dear went down. Clay and I just looked at each other like holy crap I did it!!! I know it's a deer but it was super exciting! YAY me:)
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Well it's a good thing I FINALLY got Chloe snowpants, boots and a coat yesterday because today it is snowing!!! We went to check it out and she loved it. She didn't want to come inside but brrr it's cold! Maybe we'll go back out when it stops snowing and blowing! Yesterday she had her first mommie and me swim lessons at the YMCA in Spokane and she and Trey had such a great time. We sang songs and jumped off the edge and played with water toys. I'm so glad that Addie and I signed the kids up together! Can you believe I forgot my camera for the event??? UGH - oh well there are still 4 more weeks to get some great pics and video!

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

16 Months!

Chloe turned 16 months this week so I thought I'd share some new pics of her in the tub. She likes brushing her teeth!

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Boise Trip

A week later I am getting to posting our trip pictures! We had a FABULOUS time in Boise last weekend - Chloe had an absolute blast playing with all her cousins. We were super busy the whole time as you will soon see from all of my many many posts.

Chloe riding on the suitcase in the airport.

Chloe and Riley

Chloe loved Krista's boots

Playing with Brooke

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For Halloween we took the kids to this carnival/pumpkin patch place. They had a costume contest, rides, animals for the kids, mazes and other fun stuff.

Chloe petting the neigh neigh

She thought it was funny to throw the hay

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Here are the two Tinkerbells looking so cute in their Halloween costumes.

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On Sunday morning we took the kids swimming in the hotel that mom, Chloe and I stayed at. It was so much fun!

Riley (16 months), Chloe (15 months) and Brooke (13 months)

Brother and Sister - Riley and Elise

All of the kiddos splashing in the hottub.

Chloe jumping off the side into the pool
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Feeding the Ducks

On Sunday we went to this park and fed the ducks. Some of the ducks are aggressive!!! One grabbed the bread right out of Chloe's hand! We had fun though - Chloe liked watching them and throwing them the bread.

My little chubby cheeks

I believe this is the duck that grabbed the bread!

Throwing the bread to them

Holding hands with Elise.
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Play Park

We went to this play park on Sunday. Chloe absolutely loved it - she seriously wore me out! I was running after her the whole time because she wouldn't stop running, I thought she was going to go off an edge. Up, down she kept saying as she went up and down up and down the steps. She also loved the slides too. And yes she did cry when we had to leave.

Chloe running to the play park - check out how big it is!

Playing in the tubes.

Brooke on the horsie

Crashed at the end of the day.
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2nd Day Swimming

We went swimming again on Monday because the girls had so much fun the day before.

They love eachother!


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The Zoo

On Monday our last day in Boise we took the girls to the Zoo! It was so much fun - the girls had a great time. Chloe's favorite was the zebra she was saying "zebra" so well too! She wasn't sure about the monkeys and the penguins.

Playing in the hut

The Lion was playing with the girls - so cool!

The lion waving at Brooke

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