Saturday, December 24, 2011


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Mini Christmas session

We went and had pictures taken with Angie at Joyful Photography Studio for a mini Christmas session. I love how they turned out! Here is the link to a preview! ( And below I have posted just a few of my favorites!
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Christmas Preschool Program

On Monday December 19 we went and enjoyed Chloe's preschool program! All of the kids did so great and I was able to capture some really cute moments and songs on video! There were a lot of proud moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas! Chloe's teacher is so wonderful with the kids and I can't say enough good things about her! Thank you Joan! After the performance, Joan provided us all lunch as well. It was such a great time! Now it's Christmas break so no preschool for 2 weeks! Chloe will sure miss Joan and her preschool friends but January will be here before we know it!
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Dancin' at the Nursing Home

On Sunday December 19th the Davenport Dance Academy performed at the Nursing Home. The teacher let it be an option if you wanted to perform or not. Of course we wouldn't have missed it for the world because we know how much G-MA would have LOVED seeing her little Chloe dance! Made me very sad going up there and G-MA not being there:( I hope she was watching down on her favorite little girl as she danced her heart out! I was so impressed that out of the 12 girls in Chloe's age group 9 came to dance! All of the elderly people had smiles on their faces when they watched the girls and one lady was even singing right along to the songs! It was great!

The whole group!
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Preschool Projects..

Here are the last couple preschool projects that Chloe made before she went onto Christmas break...


Reindeer candy holder - love her little hands as the antlers!

And a Christmas bear!
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My BIG girl..

Here is my little, "BIG" girl. Makes me sad even typing this because she has in fact become quite the big girl lately! On Wednesday December 7th I think she woke up as a BIG girl! That day she went to the dentist and had 2 cavities filled! She lay there on the dentist chair like such a big girl as the dentist asked her which princess she wanted painted on her teeth. She proudly responded with "ARIEL!" And that is what they did - painted Ariel on those two teeth and away we went! Took 10 minutes to do both teeth and my big girl did sooo good! She acted like it was just another cleaning and made her mommy so proud! The dentist even double asked me how old she was because she couldn't believe my 3 year old did SO GOOD! Afterwards they rewarded her with a popsicle, which she thought was pretty cool! Now this isn't the only reason my little girl turned into a big girl that day....On the way home she informed me that she was going to sleep in her OWN room that night. HA! As we all know she has had this thing about only sleeping an arms length away from mommy at night since a baby and has for months slept on her crib mattress on the floor next to mommys and daddys bed. BUT since I have never heard her mutter these words before I got excited for her and told her we would go home and turn the crib into the toddler bed for in her big girl room. Yes we have tried this before, a couple times in fact but it never worked. I think since we painted her room purple on Thanksgiving that is what has been getting her excited about her own room! When we got home and told daddy he of course a non-believer just laughed but once my little girl, oops I mean BIG girl gets something in her head that she is going to do she DOES IT! That night we read books, I tucked her in and she blew us kisses from her own bedroom. She in fact did sleep in her own room that night, very much to our surprise and has every night since! Looks like we will be converting the crib/toddler bed into the full size bed that it can be as soon as I buy her a mattress! Love you big girl - you make us proud every single day!
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On Monday December 12th after preschool, Chloe had her friend, Addie over to play for the afternoon. The two girls had lots of fun! Addie brought Christmas cookies for the girls to decorate so here they are with their cookies...

And of course playing dress-up!
Two little cute princesses!
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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Smitten x3!

I am SMITTEN times 3! Today was the first time I was able to meet my best friend, Natalie's triplets! All three came home together a week ago today after being in the NICU for 10+ weeks. I am already soooo in love with the babies after spending just 3 short hours with them! Meet Scarlett, Opal and Issac.

All three sweetpeas!




Already looking forward to my next visit!
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Gingerbread House

On Monday after preschool Chloe and I made our Gingerbread House! This year I bought a gingerbread house at Costco and I highly recommend it because the house comes pre-assembled! It was great because then we didn't have to worry about it collapsing while we decorated it all up! We had fun doing it together and it turned out so cute! Chloe's favorite part was eating all of the icing!

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Preschool Projects

Catching up from a couple weeks of preschool projects!
We love them all and are SO proud!

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Recital!

Chloe had her first dance recital this weekend!! It was "A little taste of Christmas" at the Harrington Opera House featuring the Davenport Dance Academy on Saturday at 5:30pm. Friday night they had a full dress rehearsal with pictures so I got to watch her and all of the other little girls in her group perform two nights. They did so great! And with only 7 practices under their belts might I add! I am SO thrilled that I came across their dance teacher when I was searching for someone to bring dance back to Davenport. She has been wonderful with the girls and they put on a fabulous performance! Here are pictures of Chloe and her group of 3-5 year olds. They performed "Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer" in their tap shoes and "Away in the Manger" in their ballet slippers. It was so ADORABLE! I thought Chloe might be a bit shy up on stage with everyone watching (it was a packed house) but she wasn't! During one of the big girl performances she ran out on the side and started waving at us! It was hilarious! GREAT JOB GIRLS!!

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