Monday, January 17, 2011

Girls Day!

Chloe and I had a girls day with Sami and Tami on Saturday. The girls had SO much fun together! First we went to the movie "Tangled." It was Sami's first movie ever and Chloe's 2nd. To my surprise Chloe sat through the WHOLE movie! It was a really cute movie, one that we will definately be buying when it comes out! Not only did the girls enjoy it, but so did us moms;) After the movie we went to Old Navy and bought the girls matching shirts because Sami was having her 5 year pictures taken and wanted Chloe in one picture with her. We did that next and then went to lunch. It was a great day and we are going to try and plan a girls day at least once a month from now on! Oh yeah and every time we were in the car Chloe told Sami "I love you Sami" about 10 times.  SO cute!

the girls holding hands walking out of the movie

waiting for pictures!

I just LOVE this picture! Chloe -2 1/2 and Sami -5. Friends Forever!
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