Friday, February 11, 2011

31 Days...Day 19

Day 19 is a picture of yourself and a family member. I chose this one of Clay, Chloe and I with Gma at a nursing home BBQ potluck they had last summer because it is one picture that we have of all of us together! I love how Chloe has her little hand on Gma's shoulder. She loves going up to the nursing home and seeing Gma and I think all the old people really enjoy her too! It makes them smile which is what they need! Gma LOVES Chloe! My Grandma was never a huggy type person at least growing up I don't remember her really ever hugging us but now that her great granddaughter is here she loves the least from Chloe anyways! Grandma has become Gma because it was too confusing to Chloe calling my mom Grandma and then having another Grandma in the family. The name has stuck and now we all call her Gma! Love you Gma!
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