Monday, February 7, 2011

Sweet Heart Frames

Here is another fun Valentine's Day art project! I helped Chloe make Sweet Heart Frames for all the people she loves as a Valentine's present to them. She had so much fun with this project! First I glued the sticks together for her and let them dry a bit then I let her go at it! She loved using the glue - I think that was her favorite part! We would spread the glue along the sticks then she would put one conversation heart down and then eat one. Lay one, eat one is how she liked to do it;) Then after it dried we put a picture behind the frame, added a magnet and stuck it on the fridge! What a great kids gift to grandmas and grandpas for Valentine's Day!

Here she is eating one!

So excited!

Doing the glue!

TADA! Refrigerator magnet! Love it!
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