Monday, April 25, 2011

Community Egg Hunt!

Saturday was the community egg hunt at 9am. Thank goodness it was actually sunny this year and not a blizzard like last year! It is always a good time even though it only lasts about T-minus 30 seconds once they say go! The kids love it. Chloe had almost her whole family cheering her on...mommy, daddy, nana, poppy and grandma were all there! On the way to the egg hunt grandma asked her how many eggs she was going to get and she said NINE! Crazy thing is she really DID get 9 eggs! Way to go Chloe!

Buddies Trey and Chloe ready to go!

Grandma and Chloe at the start line!

Me and Chloe hunting away!

Nana helping Chloe open her eggs to see if she got a prize. No prize but lots of candy!
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