Sunday, June 5, 2011

Water Pad Fun

Yesterday Grandma, Chloe and I went to Artfest in Brownes Addition. Artfest wasn't the main attraction though it was this water pad that Chloe had such a fun time at! Grandma and I LOVED watching her expressions as she ran in and out of this umbrella water fountain. Every time the water went off she for some reason thought if you touched the top of the pole it would come back on so she'd run over and push the top like a button;) Finally after about an hour of playing and getting soaked she got cold.  It was such a beautiful day but that water was cold!  Good thing I packed a 2nd outfit in my purse!  We will have to go back again soon!

My favorite picture - her face says it all!
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Saturday, June 4, 2011


We took Chloe's new princess bike up camping last weekend even though she was still trying to figure out how to pedal it. She pedals all over on her Dora big wheels bike but you can pedal backwards and forwards on it. The princess bike if you pedal backwards it is the brakes so she was still figuring that out. Clay lifted the training wheels a little higher for her while we were camping and she was really trying to get it going. Well this week when we got home she figured it out! Now she is off, pedaling all over the driveway! Sometimes she gets stuck and we have to give her a little push but she is going faster and faster every day! GOOOOO Chloe!!
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