Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fun Monday at the Beach!

Last Monday it was such a nice day that Chloe and I headed to Porcupine Bay to go play on the beach and go swimming. Even though there wasn't much of a beach left we had fun playing in the sand with her new sand toys. What she really loved doing though was going in the water! It was a little chilly but I managed to make it up to my stomach:) Chloe would run in and out of the water - she had so much fun splashing and didn't like it when I would go sit on our towel. She'd say "mommy swim with me." I of course couldn't say no and would motorboat her through the water over and over again. Finally after about an hour in the water and goosebumped all over she came and sat with me on the towel and just cuddled, warming up... until round 2 that is!

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