Friday, July 8, 2011

Porcupine Bay Camping!

A day after we flew home from Seattle we took our trailer down to Porcupine Bay to go camping! Cousin Tony and his kiddos Elise and Riley were down camping for the week and so it was a great excuse for us to go too! Chloe had such a good time playing and riding bikes with Elise and Riley that even though the weather wasn't great I am so glad we went! The first afternoon when we got there we started the fun off with a little squirt gun fight. Grandma, Tony, me and the three kids all got in on the action - funtimes! After that we went down to the beach where it was windy and sand kept blowing in our faces and eyes which was not such funtimes!

Even though it's blurry this picture makes me laugh!


The girls Elise and Chloe!
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