Thursday, July 7, 2011


Since we have been busy going the last couple of weeks I need to play a little catch up! The last weekend in June Grandma, Chloe and I flew to Seattle to stay with Aunt Carol and Uncle Brian. We flew out on Friday night after work. Chloe was soooo excited about flying this time, I don't think she remembered flying in the past because she acted like it was her first time. When we boarded the plane she kept asking when we were going to be up in the air over and over again. Then as we started driving down the runway she shouts "BLAST OFF!" It was hilarious and of course since a bunch of people started laughing she continued on saying it until we actually did blast off! She had gotten so excited that by time we landed and and got into Aunt Carol's car her head was bobbing about to fall asleep the whole car ride. We kept talking to her because I didn't want her to fall asleep quite yet which may have been a mistake because when we got to their house and she saw Dakota, their dog, it was like her 2nd wind kicked in. Her and Dakota got all hyped up laughing and playing together so we didn't get to bed until late that night!

On the plane!

Chloe and Dakota

Thanks Aunt Carol and Uncle Brian for the cool Dora shades!
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