Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sunday in Seattle

Sunday uncle Brian treated us to the best maple scones I've ever tasted from a local bakery. Oh and have I mentioned that he made us latte's every morning too. What a guy!! Uncle Brian took Chloe with him to the bakery and to the park while we were getting ready. She picked the donut with the MOST sprinkles I've ever seen! Funny tidbit...when they were at the park Chloe says to uncle Brian "I have to go poop." So Aunt Carol gets a call "Chloe has to go poop" what do I do? As if he didn't have 2 little girls once himself! It was funny but he took her and it ended up being a false alarm - lucky for him! When they got back we took Dakota on a walk around their block and enjoyed Mt. Rainier off in the distance and a deer that we were able to get really close to!


Mt. Rainier

Chloe loved walking Dakota!

And they are off and running!
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