Saturday, August 27, 2011

Good Morning!

This is what I woke up to the other morning - a BEAUTIFUL harvest sunrise!
The pictures definately don't do it justice but it's still pretty!

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Girls Day!

The 2nd weekend in August my friend Angela and her two girls, Izzy and Kenzie came over to our house to have a playday. Ang and I got to catch up and the girls had so much fun playing together. Izzy especially liked playing with Chloe's kitties, Ariel and Frankie. It was funny listening to them have little conversations with eachother. It was a no nap kind of day since they came around 10ish and stayed till after dinner which was fine because when Chloe hit the bed she was out! It was a great day just hanging out with good friends!

Driving the gator!

And they are off!

Playing with the kitties!

Playing down at the Gazebo when we went for ice cream!

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Swimming Lessons

The first week of August Chloe started swimming lessons at Marlene's. She absolutely loved it and never would want to leave when the lesson was over. Since she just turned 3, Marlene gave her private lessons, so she got to have the pool all to herself! Marlene was SOOO good with Chloe and when she didn't want to go on her back she would make it fun and talk her into it. One of her favorite things to do during the lesson was to put the polly pocket girls into the boat and on the jet ski and then kick, kick, kick so they would float away. Then they would swim to bring them back. Another very fun thing they did was take turns leading the green light, red light game. One would call red or green light and the other would "reach and pull" swim towards her. When we started swim lessons Chloe would not go under the water and now she still doesn't really go under but she is more ok with it and even jumped in and went under a couple times during lessons. As long as you are holding her little hands she is good! We will test out her swimming skills this weekend as we are going to Leavenworth and will be swimming at the hotel pool lots I'm sure! As much as I loved doing the YMCA mommy and me swimming lessons with Chloe I don't think I will ever take her back there when Marlene does such a great job! Plus the most kids Marlene takes at one time is 2!! Same price, less kids, closer to home and much more fun - I think so!

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Swimming Fun!

Last Saturday my friend Angela drove down with her two girls to have fun with us at Porcupine Bay! Fun was an understatement! These two girls, Chloe and Izabella were bffs for the day and had SO much fun together! We are definately going to have to get them together for another play date soon! They played so hard that we thought for sure they would crash on the car ride home, but oh no they were too busy playing and didn't want to miss a second. Here are some fun pictures from our day at the beach.

Chloe and Izzy testing out the water

Bathing beauties!

Little sister Kenzie had lots of fun playing in the sand!

Ready, Set, GO!

Taking turns burying eachother!

Ring around the rosie, pocket full of posies...

ashes, ashes, we all fall down!!
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Chloe is constantly making us laugh...

Like the other night when I was reading books to her before bedtime. I was really getting into this part of the book and she turns to me, grabs my nose, proceeds to turn it like a volume knob and says "turn it down a little bit mommy!" That girl is so darn funny!

Or how about this picture of her with her kitties, Frankie and Ariel. She had just given them a "bath" in her kiddie pool and was wrapping them up and drying them like they were her babies. Good thing the kitties are so tolerant of her and didn't seem to mind!

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Nana, Poppy, Jessi and Chloe took the boat out a week ago and even though the boat did not cooperate Chloe had lots of fun! She has been begging to go back out in the boat since...too bad it is broke down! Here are some fun pictures while the boat was still running!

Even though her eyes are closed she is still ADORABLE!

Jessi and Chloe

In the tube!

Water fight with Poppy...looks like Poppy is winning;)

Chloe's turn to get Poppy!

Warming up

Driving the boat!

If the boat wasn't such a lemon it would be so much fun in the summer time!
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