Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Chloe started Soccertots on Saturday! She had so much fun last fall doing it and wanted to do it again this year!  I was worried how it would go down when we got there because last year it was a mommy and me type of thing for her age group where I was out there with her.  This year it would be just her on her own with the other kids. She kept saying on the way up that I would have to show her how to kick the ball and didn't like the idea of me just watching. I went in with her at first before class started and got her a ball. Then the coach, (who is amazing - we had her last year) called all of the parents over for a pre-session chat, so I stepped out. Chloe continued to kick the ball around and when the chat was over her coach said "come on kids" and off Chloe went without a word about wanting me. It was great! A couple of the kids had to have their mommies with them, and I was almost in a way SAD that C didn't need me too just because she is becoming such a big girl!!  She had a fun time and her favorite part was when she had the flag in her shirt and she was SO fast that none of the kids could catch her to get the flag!  She is our little "soccerstar!"








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Friday, September 23, 2011


This week at preschool they learned the letter B! On Monday they made another "puffit" for this week's letter. Wednesday they walked to the library to check out books for the letter b and also went to the bakery, since it also starts with the letter b! Chloe told me she held hands and shared doughnuts with her friends. Yesterday my little C started running a fever so she missed out on school today. Here are her projects from Monday and Wednesday! I didn't get any pictures of her because I was hoping to do that today but since she is sick that didn't happen.

Letter B brown paper bag puppet.


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Bow Hunting

Mr. Hammond got himself quite the buck this year - a 5X5! The night he went out, it's terrible to say but I thought it was going to be a waste of time. Chloe and I are in bed reading books when Clay comes in and says "Chloe come here I have something to show you." I couldn't believe it, he got the big one! Chloe had soooo many questions it was funny! "Are we going to eat the leg?" "Are we going to eat the eyeballs?" "How do we eat it?" I told her that we are going to grind it up like hamburger and her response to that was "oh I like that!"
 WAY TO GO DADDY! Looks like so far this year it's....
 Hammonds=1 Deer=0.
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NEW Momma!!

My BFF, Natalie gave birth to her triplets this morning!! I am beyond excited to be an auntie to her three little bundles of joy! The twin girls, Baby A and Baby B arrived at 7:57 and the boy, Baby C arrived one minute later at 7:58. Baby A weighed in at 2lbs 8oz, Baby B weighed 3lbs 8oz and Baby C weighed 2lbs 12oz. All three babies and new mommy are doing GREAT!
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Monday, September 19, 2011


Last week at preschool Chloe learned the letter A! She has been telling me all week "A is for Alligator." On Monday the kids made Apple Puppets using brown paper bags. Chloe calls it her "PUFFIT." When I picked her up on Monday to go home they were singing their goodbye song and when it was over Joan said "give hugs goodbye," as I watched my little C run over and give her a BIG hug! Made me so proud of her! Here are all her A creations from A WEEK!

C's Puffit!

C's hat -
If you look closely it has little apples she colored and glued on it.

Little to Big Apples!

Silly girl wearing her hat and showing off her apple art!
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Sunday, September 18, 2011


Clay and I have taken Chloe to the fair the last two years and have always had a great time. Clay is harvesting this year but didn't want to miss our annual trip so took last Monday off. When Chloe got done with preschool we headed up. It was hotter than usual so it seemed like we weren't there as long as usual but we did see all of the animals which Chloe loves doing! Her favorite is the goats. We also ate footlong corndogs and huckleberry ice cream cones - YUM! Chloe still wants nothing to do with the rides - maybe next year!

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Chloe started beginning Ballet/Tap Dance classes the same week that she started back to preschool at the start of this month. Davenport has not offered dance in quiet some time and last fall I was determined to bring it back. I remember as a little girl taking dance lessons here in Davenport and loving it! Chloe loves to dance so I knew she would love it just as much as I had. The dance company that taught me dance when I was little is actually still in business and is doing lessons down in Wilbur but no longer in Davenport. I called them first and the owner said I needed to get at least 30 girls interested. I got 30+ girls that wanted to do it which was great and in all my advertising I also found a dance instructor! Kelli used to teach dance lessons in another town but closed her business when they moved to Davenport. She was willing to take this on and at a smaller cost than the other company was going to charge which was fabulous! When we arrived at Chloe's first lesson all of the girls got to pick different colored butterfly wings to put on which I think they thought was soooo cool! Then when I came back (the parents' only get to watch on the last Thursday of the month) they all had suckers and stickers so I think they all had a great time! I know my Chloe did!

ready for her first dance lesson!

oh my goodness!

butterfly wings!

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Friday, September 16, 2011

More Grandparents Day!

Sunday for Grandparents Day, Chloe and I went with all the grandparents (Grandma, Nana, Poppy and Grammie) to the river. Jessi came down later and joined us as well! Clay unfortunately had to harvest so he missed out on a very fun day! We left around 11am and didn't get home until 7pm, so we were down there quite awhile just enjoying the sun, swimming and boating! At one point Chloe started to get somewhat cranky so Grandma and I took her on a snooze cruise. She fought it and fought it but finally put her head in the corner of the sseat up front and crashed! It was such a great day that it was really hard to leave! Chloe especially did not want to leave - and it took some coaxing to even get her back into the boat to pack up. She learned that if we caught her she could jump off the back of the boat and even as she shivered she wanted to keep on jumping. We also had a dance party on the dock at Porcupine Bay and it was the sweetest thing - Chloe wanted Grammie to come up on the dock but she couldn't quite get up there with her bad knees. Chloe held out her hands and said "I will help you Grammie!" She followed that with "hold my hands I get you!" What a sweet little girl I have AND the best Grandparents for my little girl I could ever ask for!

Snooze Cruisin'
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Grandparents Day!

Happy Grandparents Day to Grandma, Nana and Poppy!! Chloe is SOOOO lucky to have you all in her life and we are too! Thank you for ALL you do - it is very much appreciated! We couldn't have asked for better grandparents for our little girl! Love you guys!

Chloe made these tree prints for Grandparents Day at Preschool last week to give to Grandma, Nana and Poppy!
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