Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Boot Stomin' Fun Weekend!

Last weekend, Grandma, Chloe and I drove to Leavenworth for a wedding. We left on Saturday after lunch thinking that Chloe would nap as we drove. The nap never happened! She was TOO excited to go swimming when we got there. Guess we shouldn't have told her that there was a swimming pool at the hotel until after we arrived! Oh well! She did really well in the car for 3 hours not having a nap. We listened to the princess CD and The Lion King song over and over again as she kept saying "turn it up more mommy!' She also kept herself busy with her princess polly pockets and playing her princess games on her Leapster Explorer. Everything has to be about the princesses you know! We made one side of the road pit stop and luckily had brought along her princess potty in the back of mom's car which worked out nicely for the long road trip! Check out the lovely potty picture below! HAHA she will kill me one day for this one! The first thing we did when we arrived in Leavenworth and got all checked in to our room was change into our swimming suits and head for the pool! It was a 95+ degree weather kind of day so the pool was fabulous! We ran into Tom, Yvonne and Ashley on our way to our room and they met us at the pool with Margaritas - even better! Chloe had tons of fun swimming and splashing around in the pool - I however didn't get but one or two pictures of it because at one point I looked down and there was my camera at the bottom of the pool! NOOOO! Ashley told me to try putting it in a bag of rice and I might be able to revive it. I didn't have a good attitude about it because I wanted to take a bunch of pictures at the wedding the next day and now that wasn't going to happen! Before we went to dinner mom and I ran to Safeway for the rice and picked up a disposable camera as a back-up! Leavenworth by the way is SUCH a cute town and it is sooo cool that all of the signs including Starbucks are the German style! We did learn that next time we will definately take a stroller because there is no parking so you walk everywhere you want to go. Carrying a 36lb little girl was challenging at times but we made it to our destinations! Sunday morning we woke up and walked to get coffees. Chloe got her own little "coffee" aka warm chocolate milk. She was enjoying it while we walked and checked out the little shops along the way. All of the sudden I hear a crash, look back and Chloe has dropped and spilled her coffee on the sidewalk. I go over to her and tell her it's ok and pick it up and toss it in the garbage. We start to continue on our way and out of Chloe's mouth I hear "DAMN!!" It was really hard not to laugh but I just looked at mom and then at her and said "we don't say that word." What a crack up! Guess she was mad that she dropped her coffee - hey I would have been! LOL. We eventually made it back to our hotel and I had promised Chloe we would go back to the pool so she could jump off the side. It was a little chilly getting in the pool this time but she didn't care as she jumped into my arms off the side of the pool over and over again. We decided to go somewhere quick for a bite to eat because it was about time to start getting ready for the wedding...McDonalds anyone?? Crazy thing is I got a text from Aunt Diane and Tom and they were passing through since they had been at Lake Chelan all weekend so they joined us at McDs! We had a great chat and then had to get back to get "pretty" as Chloe would say for the wedding. We followed Tom, Yvonne and Ashley to the wedding which was about a 20 minute drive from Leavenworth. It was a BEAUTIFUL drive along the river. We sang the Lion King Song another 10 times before arriving. Chloe and I had our cowboy boots on and were ready for a boot stompin' good time! The bride was gorgeous and the couple together seemed so happy! It was a very fun wedding and Chloe even found some new friends. She was tagging along with a 3 year old little boy and an older girl who was calling the shots to the two little ones. They ran through the grass chasing eachother, attempting summersaults and just having fun. Later they even showed us all their moves on the dance floor. It was a great night and a fabulous girl's weekend! P.S. My camera is ALIVE! After 3 days of being in a bag of rice it is now working...not quite as good as new but still, I couldn't believe it!  Don't mind all my disposable camera shots as they are terrible!

Chloe on her princess potty! HAHA
Swimming in the pool!

Chloe taking pictures! 
Chloe hugging the bride to be!
Playing with friends! 

 Dancing in our boots!
More dancing!

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