Sunday, September 4, 2011

Boot Stompin Funny Girl

I bought Chloe some cowboy boots, or shall I say cowgirl boots, a couple weeks ago for an upcoming wedding in which we were to wear boots to. She LOVES them and pretty much has been wearing them every where since! More to come on the boot stompin' wedding but for now just a few funny Chloe stories...

Grandma, Chloe and I stopped by Natalie's house the day before the baby shower to drop some things off. I was putting my hand on Natalie's belly bump to see if the babies would kick for me. Chloe was interested in what I was doing and also had to put her hand on as well. Later that night when we were in bed and reading books Chloe says to me "why are those babies in her tummy?" I explained to her that they needed to grow bigger before they could come out. To that she says "well when I get bigger I want to buy a baby brother and put him on my tummy!" The funny part about her saying a baby "brother" is that when we told her that Natalie was having 2 girls and 1 boy she said "I am going to hold a girl and you can hold a girl - Grandma Sherry can hold the boy!" She didn't want to be holding a boy - but she is going to buy a baby brother! Too funny!

Chloe went to her preschool teacher Joan's house for a couple hours one day to play and she asked Joan "can I be the line leader today?" Guess she assumed she was at preschool since she was at her house! LOL!

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