Sunday, September 18, 2011


Chloe started beginning Ballet/Tap Dance classes the same week that she started back to preschool at the start of this month. Davenport has not offered dance in quiet some time and last fall I was determined to bring it back. I remember as a little girl taking dance lessons here in Davenport and loving it! Chloe loves to dance so I knew she would love it just as much as I had. The dance company that taught me dance when I was little is actually still in business and is doing lessons down in Wilbur but no longer in Davenport. I called them first and the owner said I needed to get at least 30 girls interested. I got 30+ girls that wanted to do it which was great and in all my advertising I also found a dance instructor! Kelli used to teach dance lessons in another town but closed her business when they moved to Davenport. She was willing to take this on and at a smaller cost than the other company was going to charge which was fabulous! When we arrived at Chloe's first lesson all of the girls got to pick different colored butterfly wings to put on which I think they thought was soooo cool! Then when I came back (the parents' only get to watch on the last Thursday of the month) they all had suckers and stickers so I think they all had a great time! I know my Chloe did!

ready for her first dance lesson!

oh my goodness!

butterfly wings!

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