Friday, September 16, 2011

More Grandparents Day!

Sunday for Grandparents Day, Chloe and I went with all the grandparents (Grandma, Nana, Poppy and Grammie) to the river. Jessi came down later and joined us as well! Clay unfortunately had to harvest so he missed out on a very fun day! We left around 11am and didn't get home until 7pm, so we were down there quite awhile just enjoying the sun, swimming and boating! At one point Chloe started to get somewhat cranky so Grandma and I took her on a snooze cruise. She fought it and fought it but finally put her head in the corner of the sseat up front and crashed! It was such a great day that it was really hard to leave! Chloe especially did not want to leave - and it took some coaxing to even get her back into the boat to pack up. She learned that if we caught her she could jump off the back of the boat and even as she shivered she wanted to keep on jumping. We also had a dance party on the dock at Porcupine Bay and it was the sweetest thing - Chloe wanted Grammie to come up on the dock but she couldn't quite get up there with her bad knees. Chloe held out her hands and said "I will help you Grammie!" She followed that with "hold my hands I get you!" What a sweet little girl I have AND the best Grandparents for my little girl I could ever ask for!

Snooze Cruisin'
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