Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dance Halloween Style

This week at dance the girls got to wear their Halloween costumes! Chloe thought that was so fun and loved it as did all of the girls! It was the last Thursday of the month so the parents got to come watch! The girls were all so adorable in their costumes and they were all having a great time!

Here they all are Miss Kelly and the crew!

Too Cute!
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We Love FALL!

On Wednesday after preschool Chloe and I went out to Grandma Sherry's house to play in the leaves! I was hoping to get some good fall photos taken as well - and I did! Not only did we play in the leaves and take pictures we also got to enjoy lunch with Grandma Sherry! We have really missed her, especially Chloe since she doesn't come to to her house weekly anymore. Chloe had to make sure all of her toys were still there and when we left she said "I want to go there tomorrow for all day mommy!"

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lil' Soccer Star!

Chloe is REALLY enjoying soccer again this year! She gets right out there and participates in everything they do. I have noticed she sticks closely by her coach the whole time, which I think is pretty cute! They run a bunch and have races, which she loves to do! She is the fastest in her class OR I might just be saying that because I am her mom! No really she is pretty darn fast though! I am so amazed and proud of her everyweek...she is my lil' soccer STAR!

Red Light, Green Light game.

Nice Soccer Stance!

Love this one of all the kids and Coach Shereen!


Ready, Set, KICK!
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Hammonds 2 Deer 0

Last weekend rifle hunting commenced. I have done black powder every year in the past and wanted to switch it up this year so decided to take on the rifle! Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights Clay and I went out with Luke and Mark to a piece of land that Clay has a lease on for hunting. Nothing...but on Wednesday I went with Clay and Luke and sat in a different spot on the same piece of land and ended my 2011 hunt! Here is how it went...Clay and I were sitting behind a hay-bale blind and Clay was my spotter. So far there was just a doe and her two fawn in our view. All of the sudden Clay nudges me "get up-there is a buck!" I slowly got up on my knees and get my gun all ready - I was shaking! The buck was about 150 yards away, and I could hear Clay whispering over and over "take the shot, take the shot!" Finally I shot...they ran off. Clay says to me "I think you missed." DANG! Luke walks up over the hill at that point since he heard the shot and I am pretty bummed out. Clay tells us to go walk over the hill and see if we see anything while he is going to walk down to where those deer were at just to check it out. A few minutes later we hear Clay calling us - BLOOD! Yes! I did hit him! We start following the blood trail but it soon ends..we can still see the path across the field that leads over the side and down into the canyon. At this point we are thinking that we might lose this one. We walk the side of the canyon for only about 2 minutes and Clay is ready to give up. I turn my head back up towards the field and not 20 feet away the deer lifts his head - he is laying down beside a tree. WAHOOOOO!! I got him! WHOOP WHOOP! And Clay thought I missed! Now we are wondering how we are going to get him out of there since it is off a winter wheat field and the truck is about 1/2 mile away! You won't believe this but neither Luke nor Clay had a knife with them! We called Mark to bring out a wheelbarrow and we walked back to the truck to get the knife. Mark, Clay, Luke and I walked back out and since no one had a flashlight we were gutting this deer by the light of two cell phones! It was ridiculous and now looking back somewhat funny! I am going to be way more prepared next year with a knife and a flashlight! No more thinking the guys got me covered! It wasn't much fun but we pushed and pulled that deer 1/2 mile through the field in that wheelbarrow back to the truck. I really didn't help much and I was still pooped! Check him out - my lil 4x4! Not bad for my first buck if I do say so myself!

My first BUCK!

My Helpers! Couldn't have done it without you guys!

Check out his twisted horn on the left side!
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Here are a few more pictures from our annual roadtrip to Greenbluff last Friday. It was cold when we left our house, but when we got up there it turned out to be not too bad! We went to the Harvest House first so I could get my yearly "How Tall this Fall" picture, which I already posted. After that we got little C a hot chocolate and we drove a little further down the road to the place we always pick our pumpkins - Knapp's! We enjoy watching the punkin' chuckin' every year and Chloe likes to see the mini horses, ducks, billy goats and other various animals they have there. It was a great family afternoon of pumpkin picking! Now it's time to paint, carve and roast some seeds! Chloe has been adamant about wanting to roast pumpkin seeds and eat them! I have no idea where she came up with this since we have never roasted seeds before and none of us said a word to her about it! We will surely be roasting this year!

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

How Tall this Fall??

Look how much Chloe has grown in one year!

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Last week at preschool was fire saftety week and they learned about what to do if there is a fire. They even did a practice fire drill. Here is Chloe with her Jr. Helper Badge! She was being a goof so you think she would give a good smile - NOPE! This week I didn't do too good with taking pictures of Chloe and her artwork so stay tuned and I will do better next week!
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tickle Ghost

On Sunday Chloe and I were going to do this project but we ran out of time because Clay and I got to making homemade salsa! It by the way was super delicious! I think between the two of us we ate pretty much a whole bag of chips! So anyways we made our "sunday project" on Monday! I just got it all hung up today! Isn't it the cutest ghost you have ever seen???!!! I think it would be fun to do this yearly and watch her foot, I mean ghost, grow! Or you could even make a whole ghost family with all the feet in your household!
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Sunday, October 9, 2011


This week at preschool Chloe learned the letter D! D is for Duck like on the paper bag puppet she made! D is for Dalmation like on the stick she made and named Felicity! Monday when I picked her up from preshool I couldn't get anything out of her about what she learned, she was having somewhat of a meltdown! She had gotten scolded for opening her sucker that wasn't supposed to be opened until they got home. I could tell she was a tired little girl but unfortunately I had to go back to work that day and left her to be with Nana. Nana put her down for a nap at noon and she slept until 3! I think she must be having a growing spurt because on Wednesday she also took almost a 3 hour nap! Such a tired girl! On Wednesday Chloe told me how she was the flag holder and then Friday she told me she was the calendar person. Not sure what the calendar person does but either way I'm proud! Every day after school I ask her what they had for snack and she can never remember or just tells me toast. I think this is hilarious because when she went to preschool earlier this year that is what she would ALWAYS tell me about-what they ate! Things change so quickly I'm learning when you have a little one. This is why I continue to try and cherish and enjoy every moment!

Leaf Art!

Dalmation - Felicity!

And D is for Duck - puppet!
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Monday, October 3, 2011


Yesterday we got a little crafty on our Sunday morning. We made Jar-o'-lanterns! I found this activity out of one of my FamilyFun magazines and it was a big hit!
You can check it out online at
Chloe loved painting the jars and then putting the candles in them when they were dry to see them all lit up! Here is how you create them..
Cut masking tape into simple jack-o'-lantern face shapes, such as triangles and squares. Create a face on the side of a clean, dry jar. Brush the outside with orange (or any color - Chloe liked pink) acrylic paint - I just used crayola paint that I had on hand. After the paint dries, carefully remove the tape shapes. Light your jar-o'-lantern with a battery-operated tea light.  (OR a regular tea light would work just fine!)
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Sunday, October 2, 2011


Last week at preschool Mrs. Joan was teaching the kids about the letter C! They got to make a bunch of fun activites with the letter C this week and even got to make one of Chloe's favorite things - COOKIES! They made a fun little cat book which I didn't post but it is very cute as well as another book all about Chloe and what she has learned so far. I only posted some of my favorite pictures out of it! Check out all the rest of her fun projects below!

Chloe and her CHLOEASAURUS!

Another Dino for learning dino-math!

Another shot of the Chloeasaurus

C is for Cat!

Cat Puppet

Chloe's book!

The first page if you can't see says "here is a picture of me" and she drew herself! Love it!
And A is for almonds because she LOVES them!

3 is for 3 dinosaurs and her red handprint!

Check out her circle!
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