Sunday, October 2, 2011


Last week at preschool Mrs. Joan was teaching the kids about the letter C! They got to make a bunch of fun activites with the letter C this week and even got to make one of Chloe's favorite things - COOKIES! They made a fun little cat book which I didn't post but it is very cute as well as another book all about Chloe and what she has learned so far. I only posted some of my favorite pictures out of it! Check out all the rest of her fun projects below!

Chloe and her CHLOEASAURUS!

Another Dino for learning dino-math!

Another shot of the Chloeasaurus

C is for Cat!

Cat Puppet

Chloe's book!

The first page if you can't see says "here is a picture of me" and she drew herself! Love it!
And A is for almonds because she LOVES them!

3 is for 3 dinosaurs and her red handprint!

Check out her circle!
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