Sunday, October 9, 2011


This week at preschool Chloe learned the letter D! D is for Duck like on the paper bag puppet she made! D is for Dalmation like on the stick she made and named Felicity! Monday when I picked her up from preshool I couldn't get anything out of her about what she learned, she was having somewhat of a meltdown! She had gotten scolded for opening her sucker that wasn't supposed to be opened until they got home. I could tell she was a tired little girl but unfortunately I had to go back to work that day and left her to be with Nana. Nana put her down for a nap at noon and she slept until 3! I think she must be having a growing spurt because on Wednesday she also took almost a 3 hour nap! Such a tired girl! On Wednesday Chloe told me how she was the flag holder and then Friday she told me she was the calendar person. Not sure what the calendar person does but either way I'm proud! Every day after school I ask her what they had for snack and she can never remember or just tells me toast. I think this is hilarious because when she went to preschool earlier this year that is what she would ALWAYS tell me about-what they ate! Things change so quickly I'm learning when you have a little one. This is why I continue to try and cherish and enjoy every moment!

Leaf Art!

Dalmation - Felicity!

And D is for Duck - puppet!
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