Monday, October 3, 2011


Yesterday we got a little crafty on our Sunday morning. We made Jar-o'-lanterns! I found this activity out of one of my FamilyFun magazines and it was a big hit!
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Chloe loved painting the jars and then putting the candles in them when they were dry to see them all lit up! Here is how you create them..
Cut masking tape into simple jack-o'-lantern face shapes, such as triangles and squares. Create a face on the side of a clean, dry jar. Brush the outside with orange (or any color - Chloe liked pink) acrylic paint - I just used crayola paint that I had on hand. After the paint dries, carefully remove the tape shapes. Light your jar-o'-lantern with a battery-operated tea light.  (OR a regular tea light would work just fine!)
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