Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Card Photos...

This weekend I attempted to get a picture of Chloe and her furry friends, Cole, Ariel and Frankie for our annual Christmas card. As I said "attempted!" Didn't quite turn out how I had imagined. Guess I should have taken into account that the animals wouldn't appreciate us dressing them up! I did actually get a few cute shots but decided to go a different route for the cards.

Chloe and her favorite kitty, Ariel.
Chloe and all of her furry friends - HAHA!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Little Turkey Day Painting

Since we were celebrating Thanksgiving the day after this year we did a little painting the day of! We are making Chloe's room a "big girl" room so she got to pick what color she wanted for the walls. She picked PURPLE! So we are updating from pink to purple. It turned out really fun and she LOVES it! That's all that counts right?! She loved painting and was a trooper. I didn't think she would last too long but she kept on painting right along with us almost until we finished! Before and after pictures coming soon!

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Thanksgiving WEEK!

This week at preschool was Thanksgiving week! The kids made very fun projects and even had a Thanksgiving "dinner" on Wednesday. They each were to bring a healthy snack. Chloe picked string cheese to take as her snack and from what we hear it was a huge hit! Friday there was no school with the Thanksgiving holiday so it was a short week but actually Mrs. Joan called that day for Chloe to come play with her granddaughter Vanessa. Vanessa started preschool with Chloe and quickly has become her bff, but sadly a couple of weeks ago they moved to another town. Chloe has really been missing Vanessa so when she was asked to come play she was SOOOO excited! Sounds like they had such a fun time playing together, and when I picked Chloe up they gave eachother the biggest hug goodbye:(

Turkey Toes!

Gooble, Gooble, Gooble!

Chloe's Book of Thanks!

Cornucopias! So funny when she says this!

This is a drawing of mommy...

and here is daddy;)
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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Santa Saturday!

Last Saturday after soccertots we boogied downtown to meet up with Angela and her girls, Izzy and Kenzie to sit on Santa's lap! I asked Chloe if she was excited to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what she wanted for Christmas. Her response was "NO! I just want him to bring me something!" GREAT! At this point I am wondering how this is all going to go down. When we get there and see Angela, we see Izzy who runs towards us and gives Chloe a big hug. So cute! Then Izzy shouts "YEAH SANTA!" I think Chloe is feeling the peer pressure now because she seems to get excited. Izzy's excitement was surely rubbing off on her and I was glad about that! It was great - we only had to wait in line about 5 minutes which was much better than last year's 1 1/2 hour line! I think from now on I will take her to sit on Santa's lap BEFORE Thanksgiving! Then I don't have to deal with the crowds, and I get to enjoy her Santa picture that much longer!
Here are the girls waiting...they sure love eachother!

When it was our turn Izzy and Chloe climbed up on Santa's lap together and we got this SUPER CUTE shot...
Then Izzy got off so I could get one taken of just Chloe and Santa. While the photographer was getting my email address and doing some other things Chloe had a FROZEN smile on her face. The girl that was helping was telling Chloe "you can relax you face for a few" but she never stopped smiling between shots with her little fake smile. HAHA so funny, fake but still adorable in our eyes!

PS...Chloe told Santa that she wants "the PRINCESS CASTLE!!" for Christmas. Now the searching begins...
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

G...H...&...I WEEKS!

Don't know what happened to G and H weeks but I took pictures of this weeks "I" projects...ENJOY!


Thankful Wreath!

Tracing the lines! GOOD JOB!

Letter "I" paper bag puppet!

Love them all!
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Goodbye G-Ma

This week we sadly said goodbye to G-ma. She started having some troubles about a month or so ago and quickly went downhill from there. We trick-or-treated her at the nursing home on Halloween and then a day later she was sent up to Sacred Heart where she stayed and never made it back home. She is in a much better place now and no longer in pain so for that I am grateful! Plus she is with Grandpa again which I am sure she is so happy about! On Sunday, mom, Clay, Chloe and I all went and visited with her and I'm glad we all did that and got to see her before she passed on Tuesday. Chloe was the joy in her life and whenever she saw her she lit up! Chloe loved her G-ma too. Mom and I held her hand as she passed on Tuesday which was hard for both of us, but I am glad we were there for her. 
We will hold the memories close and never forget you, G-ma!

Love this picture...with Chloe and her hand on G-ma's shoulder.
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Sunday, November 13, 2011

2011 First SNOW!

Yesterday afternoon it started snowing....and it continued snowing! It wasn't a very fun drive home from Spokane as we were in a line of cars going about 40. Most of the wind blew the snow away in the night but we still had about an inch to play in this morning! Guess it's time to get the girl some snow boots!

Chloe and her buddy Coleboy

stompin' through the snow!

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Monday, November 7, 2011

FUN da-middles

Have you ever seen these in the store??? FUN da-middles? WOW they really are FUN! AND SUPER YUMMY!!
Who doesn't love a chocolate cupcake with creamy vanilla filling??!!

With Sprinkles TOO!
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Happy 4th Birthday!

Chloe's friend Izabella celebrated her 4th birthday this last weekend at KidsSports. Chloe and Izzy had SO much fun together bouncing!  They always have so much fun when we get them together!
Happy 4th Birthday Izzy!

Sliding together.



Happy Birthday to Izzy!

Birthday girl blowing out the candles!
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Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011...Chloe loves the movie "The Lion King." If she could she would watch it every single day - I'm pretty sure she has seen it a hundred times! It was one of her first movies and ever since she has just LOVED it! Anyways this year she really wanted to be Nala. All I could find in Spokane was Simba so I had to order this costume online since she had it in her head that Nala was what she was going to be. Trust me you can't change a 3 year olds mind once they have their heart set on something! I tried talking her into being all the different princesses which I thought would be an easy fix but nope Nala it had to be! So Nala it was and even though I thought the costume looked super DORKY online I thought Chloe was the most ADORABLE Nala EVER! We added the flower which turned out to be a cute little addition to the costume as well! We went to Auntie D's and Uncle Luke's first and they got her glow in the dark playdoh. It was a mistake going to their house first because after just a couple of houses of trick or treating she kept saying "can we go home and play playdoh now?" We stayed out about half an hour and then visited Gma in the nursing home. Chloe had a great time going house to house saying "Trick or Treat" and then had fun at home with her new glow in the dark playdoh;)

Cutest Nala EVER!

Trick or Treat!
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So I am a little behind on posting Chloe's preschool is F Week! 
And yes I did skip the letter E - OOPS!

F is for Fish and FISHLIPS!

F is for Fire Truck!
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