Sunday, November 20, 2011

Goodbye G-Ma

This week we sadly said goodbye to G-ma. She started having some troubles about a month or so ago and quickly went downhill from there. We trick-or-treated her at the nursing home on Halloween and then a day later she was sent up to Sacred Heart where she stayed and never made it back home. She is in a much better place now and no longer in pain so for that I am grateful! Plus she is with Grandpa again which I am sure she is so happy about! On Sunday, mom, Clay, Chloe and I all went and visited with her and I'm glad we all did that and got to see her before she passed on Tuesday. Chloe was the joy in her life and whenever she saw her she lit up! Chloe loved her G-ma too. Mom and I held her hand as she passed on Tuesday which was hard for both of us, but I am glad we were there for her. 
We will hold the memories close and never forget you, G-ma!

Love this picture...with Chloe and her hand on G-ma's shoulder.
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