Thursday, November 24, 2011

Santa Saturday!

Last Saturday after soccertots we boogied downtown to meet up with Angela and her girls, Izzy and Kenzie to sit on Santa's lap! I asked Chloe if she was excited to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what she wanted for Christmas. Her response was "NO! I just want him to bring me something!" GREAT! At this point I am wondering how this is all going to go down. When we get there and see Angela, we see Izzy who runs towards us and gives Chloe a big hug. So cute! Then Izzy shouts "YEAH SANTA!" I think Chloe is feeling the peer pressure now because she seems to get excited. Izzy's excitement was surely rubbing off on her and I was glad about that! It was great - we only had to wait in line about 5 minutes which was much better than last year's 1 1/2 hour line! I think from now on I will take her to sit on Santa's lap BEFORE Thanksgiving! Then I don't have to deal with the crowds, and I get to enjoy her Santa picture that much longer!
Here are the girls waiting...they sure love eachother!

When it was our turn Izzy and Chloe climbed up on Santa's lap together and we got this SUPER CUTE shot...
Then Izzy got off so I could get one taken of just Chloe and Santa. While the photographer was getting my email address and doing some other things Chloe had a FROZEN smile on her face. The girl that was helping was telling Chloe "you can relax you face for a few" but she never stopped smiling between shots with her little fake smile. HAHA so funny, fake but still adorable in our eyes!

PS...Chloe told Santa that she wants "the PRINCESS CASTLE!!" for Christmas. Now the searching begins...
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