Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving WEEK!

This week at preschool was Thanksgiving week! The kids made very fun projects and even had a Thanksgiving "dinner" on Wednesday. They each were to bring a healthy snack. Chloe picked string cheese to take as her snack and from what we hear it was a huge hit! Friday there was no school with the Thanksgiving holiday so it was a short week but actually Mrs. Joan called that day for Chloe to come play with her granddaughter Vanessa. Vanessa started preschool with Chloe and quickly has become her bff, but sadly a couple of weeks ago they moved to another town. Chloe has really been missing Vanessa so when she was asked to come play she was SOOOO excited! Sounds like they had such a fun time playing together, and when I picked Chloe up they gave eachother the biggest hug goodbye:(

Turkey Toes!

Gooble, Gooble, Gooble!

Chloe's Book of Thanks!

Cornucopias! So funny when she says this!

This is a drawing of mommy...

and here is daddy;)
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