Saturday, December 24, 2011

My BIG girl..

Here is my little, "BIG" girl. Makes me sad even typing this because she has in fact become quite the big girl lately! On Wednesday December 7th I think she woke up as a BIG girl! That day she went to the dentist and had 2 cavities filled! She lay there on the dentist chair like such a big girl as the dentist asked her which princess she wanted painted on her teeth. She proudly responded with "ARIEL!" And that is what they did - painted Ariel on those two teeth and away we went! Took 10 minutes to do both teeth and my big girl did sooo good! She acted like it was just another cleaning and made her mommy so proud! The dentist even double asked me how old she was because she couldn't believe my 3 year old did SO GOOD! Afterwards they rewarded her with a popsicle, which she thought was pretty cool! Now this isn't the only reason my little girl turned into a big girl that day....On the way home she informed me that she was going to sleep in her OWN room that night. HA! As we all know she has had this thing about only sleeping an arms length away from mommy at night since a baby and has for months slept on her crib mattress on the floor next to mommys and daddys bed. BUT since I have never heard her mutter these words before I got excited for her and told her we would go home and turn the crib into the toddler bed for in her big girl room. Yes we have tried this before, a couple times in fact but it never worked. I think since we painted her room purple on Thanksgiving that is what has been getting her excited about her own room! When we got home and told daddy he of course a non-believer just laughed but once my little girl, oops I mean BIG girl gets something in her head that she is going to do she DOES IT! That night we read books, I tucked her in and she blew us kisses from her own bedroom. She in fact did sleep in her own room that night, very much to our surprise and has every night since! Looks like we will be converting the crib/toddler bed into the full size bed that it can be as soon as I buy her a mattress! Love you big girl - you make us proud every single day!
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