Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas was SO FUN this year! At 3 1/2 Chloe was really into opening presents and got so excited about Santa coming. On Christmas Eve we went to Grandma's and Santa had left her some presents there. Grandma rang some jingle bells as we walked up her stairs so she thought she had just missed him. It was cute seeing the look on her face when she heard those bells. After she opened presents there we went back to our house and had everyone over for cheese fondue. Chloe sang to us on her new microphone all night! Christmas morning she was up and ready to open more presents! She got so many things that she loved this year...a makeup vanity, hair dryer and curling iron set, a boombox/microphone, HUGE simba and nala animals, nerf guns, and a pink gun from daddy of course;) Santa also brought her what she asked him for - the princess castle, BUT it was SO cheap and all plastic so we talked her into taking it back to the store. She probably played with it a whole 5 minutes on Christmas. She already has a dollhouse that she got from Santa last year and it is all wood so it's much nicer. A few days after Christmas Chloe got a package on the front door. I told her that Santa heard she was returning her castle and sent her something else in return. It was a chest full of princess dress up dresses, jewlrey, shoes and crowns. She LOVED it!! And was so happy about the trade. "Santa" did good;) She has been playing with the dresses since they arrived! Everyone came to our house for Christmas dinner as well and we did a non-traditional taco feed! It was the best Christmas so far! Until next year anyways!


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