Sunday, January 8, 2012

We LOVE babies!

On Saturday (1/07/12) grandma, Chloe and I went SHOPPING! We had too much fun and spent too much money! My little Chloe is quite the shopper - yes I realize she is ONLY 3 but she knows what she likes! I am thinking this may not be that neat when she becomes a teenager! Mom and I bought new winter coats and Miss Chloe bought new shoes, a purple tutu skirt and a blue dress that you can see a glimpse in the below pictures! After we did our shopping we drove out to Natalie's to hold the triplets! Chloe was excited as she hadn't met the babies yet! She LOVED holding baby Opal. So much in fact that she got mad when I took Opal to have my turn holding her. The babies are sooo sweet it's hard NOT to fall in love with them!! When we read our books that night we were talking about brothers and sisters and how Chloe doesn't have any. Her response to me was..."well Cole can be my brother." HAHA! Silly girl!

Chloe holding Scarlett and Opal

So in love with baby Opal.
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