Sunday, January 29, 2012


This week has been a really hard one here at the Hammond house.  Our Coleboy died on Wednesday night.  Clay and I brought Cole home to join our family before we got married 7 1/2 years ago and since he has been the best dog we could have ever asked for.  We took him everywhere with us and even now that it's been 4 days since he passed, Clay and I still keep thinking we hear him barking.  It is definately not the same when we come home from work anymore with him running down the driveway to greet us.  Surprisingly our little C has been taking it ok, she says that Coleboy went to heaven to be with G-MA.  Clay and I however just plain MISS him!  We can't even imagine getting another dog at this point - it would just be too difficult to replace our Coleboy.  RIP Cole.  We will never forget you!

I'm linking up one of my favorite photos of little C and Cole (#1 photo) for Simple Things Sunday.


  1. This made me so sad, but I can surely relate. My dad just lost his dog that was his very best friend and a part of the family. Dogs can fill our hearts so quickly unlike anything else. It is definitely a sweet photo to cherish. I hope you all find comfort very soon.

  2. What a sweet sweet pup! So sorry for the loss of your precious Cole.


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