Monday, March 12, 2012

Fairytale "Barbie Party"

This is what Chloe and I did yesterday...attended the 14th annual Fairytale "Barbie Party!"  It was a "Kids-Helping-Kids" Fundraiser at the Masonic Temple.  We took friends, Tami and Sami along with us.  The girls had SO MUCH FUN!  Two "barbies" were assigned to each table of little girls and they went to each station with them.  The stations included - cupcake eating, barbie coloring, make-up applying, dancing, fingernail painting, bracelet making and picture taking.  AND they even got to ride in a LIMO, which was my Chloe's favorite part;)  It was such a fun event/fundraiser for little girls and we will definately be attending again next year!  Check out the below picture of the whole crew! 

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