Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday we took Chloe to the annual Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt.  I remember when I was little attending this annual hunt.  Back in the day it was a complete free for all.  Nowadays they have sections roped off by age groups.  I am glad for this because I remember a specific egg hunt when I left crying because I didn't get a single egg:(  This is C's 3rd year attending and she has always enjoyed it.  It didn't seem like there were as many kids this year which was great for Chloe as she got a full bucket of eggs.  She also won a prize!  She was ecstatic!  YAY for more candy;)

Some of the many kids!

Ready to go!

And they are off!!


Chloe was being selective about which eggs she picked up - wanted all the pink ones of course!

Checking the eggs...


So excited about her prize basket!

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