Monday, April 2, 2012


It was another full and BUSY month for the Hammond's!


Chloe attended dance class every Thursday night.
We celebrated Daddy's 31st birthday!
I enjoyed a girls night with out-of-town preschool bestie, Kyra and in-town preschool besties, Addie and Natalie.  Since we met at Natalie's, I also was able to see my three favorite babies! 
Round two girl's night out with 7 friends, which included dinner and the Blake Shelton concert! 
Clay and I were invited by friends to attend the annual Booster Club Auction and dinner.
Tami and I took Sami and Chloe to the 14th Annual "Barbie Party!"
Chloe had preschool friend, Chloe B. over to play one afternoon.
We randomly sold our living room furniture so had to go furniture shopping!
We completed house projects  - interior barn doors, hardwood floors and new carpet.
We celebrated St. Patrick's Day by wearing green and doing a scavenger hunt to find the pot o' gold!
Chloe was invited by preschool friend, Selah to attend Cubbies for an ice cream social. 
We celebrated Nana's birthday!
I spent the afternoon with BFF, Natalie and got my baby fix by spending time with the triplets!
We went for a 4 wheeling ride the one day it was nice before it rained 5 days in a row:(
Chloe celebrated Dr. Suess' Birthday and learned the letters S, T, U at preschool this month.
We got FLOCKED!!!


  1. I loved the pic of the babies! How cute! Such a busy month for you and a lot of great times!

  2. Triplets!!! Oh my...and the cutest I have ever seen!!! What fun pictures you have!!! Love them all!

  3. Triplets. How adorable! I love the "flocked" capture too. :D

  4. The trio of babes is adorable. Flocked! How fun. Looks like a busy month.


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