Sunday, April 22, 2012

Simple Things Sunday - Zipping it

this week's simple thing:

Zipping her coat all by herself!
In March, Nana and Poppy went to Vegas and brought C back a little zipper clip.  Who would have thought that a simple little clip would have her zipping her own coat in no time!  She is a pro now and can even zip other jackets without the clip.  Don't even try to help her or you will get a firm "I CAN DO IT!"  Such a big girl.  She is becoming so independent and sometimes it really makes me miss the days of helping her with everything.  Those days are now precious memories.


  1. i need a zipper clip. june always insists, "i can do it" too--but she can't always. i'm learning to be patient and let her give it a go.

  2. it just amazes me how quickly our kiddos learn and pick up things! Great captures! I love the idea of the zipper clip!

  3. So Cute! I miss doing the little things with my son as well. It's amazing the things they can learn to do in the blink of an eye!

  4. So cute! Sometimes the smallest things are the cutest milestones :)


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