Saturday, April 7, 2012

Three Little Bunnies...

  Monday I took the day off to spend with C since she was on Spring Break!  It was such a great day!  We went out to Sydney's and Addie's house to make some crafts along with Sarah and Sawyer as well.  First we attempted this project that we found on Pinterest but it ended up being a little tricky for the girls so us moms had to finish it up.  Then the girls made bunny masks which turned out ADORABLE!  And lastly the girls decorated and ate sugar cookies.  I love these little get-togethers where the kids get to play and us moms get to visit.

Working on wrapping the yarn around the a water balloon.

My little bunny!

The 3 little bunnies - Chloe, Addie and Sawyer.

I see you little bunny!

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