Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Another month has come and gone. 


Chloe enjoyed her spring break and got to spend one whole day with Jessi.
We went to a friend's house and made Easter crafts with Sydney, Addie, Sarah and Sawyer.
We celebrated Easter and had family over for brunch after church.
Chloe found the prize egg at our annual town egg hunt.
The triplets were baptized on Easter Sunday.
Chloe had preschool friend, Kariya over to play one afternoon.
We walked to the park with Chloe B. and her mommy, Deanna.
Chloe enjoyed multiple playdates with out of town friend, Vanessa while she was visiting.
We were able to do 2 Friday night dinners with Uncle Luke and Auntie D.
Chloe started swim lessons and enjoyed another month of dance lessons.
We had friends, Jesse and Jill over for dinner.
Chloe brought home lots of preschool projects to share with us.
We were able to go meet a baby goat and Chloe loved holding him.
Several family visited from out of town on different weekends...Tom and Aunt Diane, Uncle Brian and Aunt Carol, and Uncle Bill, Aunt Merilee and cousin, Danielle.



  1. Your collage is amazing! The vibrancy in your photos makes it all just pop! I especially love the pool one and the swing one. So great!

  2. I LOVE your collage :)
    can i ask you you made it?? i'm soooo missing picnik's collages! ugh. but yours looks great!

    1. Thank you! I am also missing picnik. I since have been editing my photos on PicMonkey and then created my collage in Picasa.


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