Monday, May 21, 2012

Remember Ariel?

Remember our kitty Ariel that Chloe brought home soon after her 3rd birthday last July?  Remember this winter when Ariel rode to town under the hood of Grandma's car and Grandma saw her running down the alley as she was pulling into her garage?  Remember how we had to say "goodbye" to Ariel as we could not find her anywhere?  Well guess what??!!!  Chloe went to preschool friend, Chloe B's today to play.  Chloe B's cat had kittens and the girls had SO much fun playing with those kittens.  When daddy picked up Chloe she had to show him the kittens and who do you think the mama of those kittens is??....ARIEL!!!!  How random is it that she ended up at Chloe's friends house?!  We are glad we finally found her and that she made it to a new and loving home!

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