Sunday, May 6, 2012

simple things sunday - fishing

Yesterday we took Chloe fishing for the first time!  We signed her up for this kids fishing derby where all the kids get fishing poles and t-shirts.  They are allowed to catch 3 fish in their allotted fishing time.  Chloe caught two, but one got away as daddy was pulling the hook from it's mouth - oops!  It was quite chilly out, but Chloe had fun and that is all that counts!  Check out her new purple fishing pole...daddy helping her reel...and the fish she caught!



  1. I cannot wait to take my son fishing for the first time! What a special memory! And dang two fish...I don't even think I could catch one!

  2. Thanks for stopping by!!
    We can't wait to take our twins fishing!! Looks like she had lots of fun!


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