Sunday, May 20, 2012

simple things sunday...must love babies

this week's simple thing:

sweet little baby cuddles

My hope is that my little girl will someday be a big sister!  She would be SUCH a GOOD big sister, I just know it!  Look how sweet and gentle she is in this picture with baby Scarlett.  Her new thing lately is for her daddy and I to pretend we are babies and she is the momma.  She is such a good momma to us babies;) 

The first Wednesday of this month after I picked Chloe up from preschool we went and visited my best friend and her sweet little babies.  It was a very fun afternoon of just hanging out together.  Chloe had so much fun playing with and holding each baby.  She loves them so much! 

Playing with baby Opal.

Holding baby Isaac.


  1. Your daughter is so adorable, and how sweet and tender she is being with those babies!

  2. Awww- how sweet. I love how that nurturing is ingrained so early in life.

  3. So precious! I hope she gets to be a big sister too! She looks like she was born to be a big sis! So cute that you and your husband play with her and pretend to be her babies! So sweet... Thanks for visiting my blog! :)


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