Sunday, June 17, 2012

simple things sunday - all about my DAD

What dad ties the wagon to the back of the riding lawn mower and pulls his girl around the yard??  THIS DADDY! 

And since it was so fun having Chloe do an "all about my mom" questionnaire we had to do a daddy one as well!  Here is where I found the questionnaire!  I love all of her answers to the questions!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

school's out for summer!

2012 Preschool Graduation

Parents and grandparents were invited to preschool graduation and a BBQ last Wednesday at teacher Joan’s. The program went as follows:

Flag Salute

If I had a spoon…
ABC sounds
ABC Song
Friends song
Address and Phone#

Preschool Certificates: Samuel, Chloe H., Samantha, Justin
Graduating class of 2012: Chloe B., Nathan, Selah, Kariya


There were so many proud parents and grandparents as we watched the children sing, sign the letters of the alphabet, and listen to each say their address and phone number. I was especially proud because Mrs. Joan said that my Chloe has been coming to school every day for the last couple of weeks saying her address, AND this isn’t especially nice of me to be bragging, but my little 3 year old knew her address and phone better than some of the graduating 5 year olds! Once again proud momma! Mrs. Joan made each child their own memory book with pictures and other memories that they made throughout the year. It is such an awesome keepsake! Luckily we won’t have to miss, Mrs. Joan this summer because Chloe will be attending her summer preschool/playschool two days a week! YAY!


Monday, June 4, 2012

Memorial Day Camping!

Our plan was to go camping all weekend over Memorial Day, but with everything that was going on with my mom I didn't want to leave her.  Aunt Carol and Aunt Diane were staying with her for the weekend so we did end up going for 1 night!  We left on Sunday morning around 10am and found a spot at a campground by the lake that is only about 40 minutes away from our home.  It was perfect and just what we all needed.  We spent our time relaxing and just hanging out the three of us!  Chloe rode her bikes, went for scooter rides and fished with daddy.  We cooked burgers on the grill and made S'mores.  It was SO great!  Chloe LOVED it and can't wait to go camping again!  Me either!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Bump in our Road...

May was a tough month.  Everything has happened SO fast and I feel like I am on a roller coaster.  We have been to numerous Dr. appointments and my mom even stayed overnight in the ICU one night after a biopsy she had.  My mom has an aggressive type of brain cancer called Glioblastoma.  How do these things happen?  The cancer is nowhere else in her body.  I have tried to remain strong for my mom, myself and my family.  Some days are much harder than others and I just want to run and hide and cry this all away.  Next week mom will begin a regimen of radiation treatment 5 days a week for 6 weeks.  We live about an hour from the Dr.'s but are BLESSED to live in a small community where everyone is like family and wants to help out with the driving.  I am SO grateful!  My mom also has her 3 sisters who continue to go to appointments with us, stay with my mom, and help out tremendously!  A family friend has set up a meal train and every single day is full through the month of June.  I once again am amazed at the generosity of everyone in this community.  I cannot begin to thank them all enough!  Along with radiation mom will be taking a daily chemotherapy pill.  The nurse assures us that the side effects should be minimal.  Mom will be losing her hair so she picked out a wig yesterday - it's longer hair than mine!  I am SO proud as I know losing her hair is extremely hard for her.  We all continue to pray everyday and lift her up!

My mom is my rock, she is my best friend, she is my EVERYTHING!  I call her at least 3 times a day, eat with her at lunch and am pretty much by her side every weekend.  We are extremely close!  I can't even imagine losing my mom and I REFUSE to even think about it!  My mom is the strongest person I know and she will fight with all she's got!  We all NEED her and she needs us!  Chloe has been the sweetest little nurse helping her grandma.  She constantly tells us "I love grandma in my heart," whenever we aren't with her.  It warms my heart to see how much love she has for her grandma.  We ALL love her SO MUCH!

Mom - we are ALL fighting for you!  I know you will win!

To read more of mom's story see below...

Mom's Story

It all started on March 5th which seemed as if it was any other day.  It was a preschool day so I had dropped Chloe off with mom while I went to work.  They got ready just like any other morning, mom dropped Chloe off at preschool and proceeded to work.  Soon after 8am I got a call from the bank girls saying that mom was not feeling well and that I needed to come get her.  When I got there mom was sitting down, she was light-headed, nauseous and her left leg was shaking uncontrollably.  I thought she might be having a stroke so I drove her to the ER in Davenport.  It was ridiculous trying to get anyone to even see my mom.  She laid up there in a bed for close to 2 hours with no one around.  Finally when someone checked her out they said she was dehydrated and gave her iv fluids.  Then they decided that she might have a bladder infection.  She was sent home and told to rest - completely disregarding her leg shaking.  Clay and I knew something was not right and after a day of not getting better we took her to the Urgent Care at Rockwood in Spokane.  We saw a Dr. at the urgent care and she sent us to the ER at Sacred Heart.  We waited 3 hours in the ER but finally got seen.  They did multiple tests and found nothing.  The Dr. told us that there was a spot on her brain but that spots are common and that she didn't think this would be causing the leg shaking.  They wanted to do an MRI but my mom has a wire in her ear so they couldn't.  Side note - when mom was pregnant with me a bone spurred in her ear so they removed the bone and put a wire in there to help with hearing.  The ER Dr.'s sent her home and said to follow up and find out about the wire in her ear.  About a month goes by and mom continues to have episodes where her leg stiffens and shakes.  She finally has a follow up with her Dr. in Davenport who asks her if she would like to see a Neurologist.  Knowing that something is not right she agrees...they set the appointment for the end of September!  We all know something isn't right and that waiting until September is not what we are wanting to do.  FINALLY we talk mom into making an appointment with another Dr. at Rockwood in Airway Heights.  Dr. Cole immediately says that she thinks the spot on mom's brain has something to do with what is going on.  She makes an appointment with Neurosurgeon, Dr. Ling.  Since mom still can't have an MRI she has to get dye injected into her to see things better on the CT Scan.  Dr. Ling is an amazing Dr. - he talks to you as if he really cares about you and your health.  Dr. Ling tells us that there is a tumor on mom's brain and it is sitting right on the motor functioning part of her brain, which is causing the leg tremors.  At this point the tremors are happening more often and even somewhat affecting her left hand as well, she is also starting to have horrible headaches.  Dr. Ling sends us to see Oncologist, Dr. Lund.  Another amazing Dr. who has treated us all with such compassion!  He wants Dr. Ling to do a biopsy on the tumor so we can find out exactly what this is.  Dr. Lund diagnoses mom's tremors as seizures and gives her a medication to stop them.  She also starts a steroid to take the headaches away.  Friday May 25th they perform the biopsy and mom stays in the ICU overnight for observations.  The following Wednesday we again meet with Dr. Lund and he tells us what none of us ever hoped to hear.  Time to fight!