Sunday, June 10, 2012

school's out for summer!

2012 Preschool Graduation

Parents and grandparents were invited to preschool graduation and a BBQ last Wednesday at teacher Joan’s. The program went as follows:

Flag Salute

If I had a spoon…
ABC sounds
ABC Song
Friends song
Address and Phone#

Preschool Certificates: Samuel, Chloe H., Samantha, Justin
Graduating class of 2012: Chloe B., Nathan, Selah, Kariya


There were so many proud parents and grandparents as we watched the children sing, sign the letters of the alphabet, and listen to each say their address and phone number. I was especially proud because Mrs. Joan said that my Chloe has been coming to school every day for the last couple of weeks saying her address, AND this isn’t especially nice of me to be bragging, but my little 3 year old knew her address and phone better than some of the graduating 5 year olds! Once again proud momma! Mrs. Joan made each child their own memory book with pictures and other memories that they made throughout the year. It is such an awesome keepsake! Luckily we won’t have to miss, Mrs. Joan this summer because Chloe will be attending her summer preschool/playschool two days a week! YAY!


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