Sunday, July 8, 2012


On Friday June 22nd as we finished our dinner we told Chloe the following...

Me: "Remember when you said that you wanted a baby?"
Her eyes grew really big as she looked as me and said "YES!"
Me: "Well guess what, mommy has a baby in her tummy!"
Her reaction was priceless - she was beside herself with excitement!  I almost thought she was going to cry she was so excited because her eyes looked teary.  But then she proceeded to ask a bazillion questions and had to feel my tummy.  She didn't stop talking about the baby the rest of the night!  She just had to tell someone so we went to Uncle Luke's and Aunt D's and she ran into their house and said "we are going to have a baby!!!"  Since we broke the news she has been telling EVERYONE, including random people in Dr. offices;)  I absolutely LOVE how excited she is about being a big sister and I know she will be an amazing one at that!  she is going to be a little mommy to the baby I can already imagine.  Chloe isn't the only one excited about the news; we are quite happy to finally be growing our little family and sure are looking forward to Christmas this year!  As Chloe puts it, the baby is going to be born after Jesus birthday!



  1. So exciting and so cute...congrats! Looks like you will have a little helper!

  2. congratulations! it's really fun to watch the older one become a siblig.

  3. SO fun!! What darling photos. :)


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